Why the lottery is better than sports betting?

Sports betting has been in Nigeria for quite a long time but in different forms. In its well-organized forms, it is relatively new but its history in the country can be traced to Polo clubs where people wager on horse racing. It then evolved into other animal activities such as dog racing, hen racing, bullfights, etc. from there, major sports like football (soccer), basketball, tennis, casino, poker, and others were incorporated into sports betting.

Also, almost all sports betting brands now have virtual sports betting options. Virtual sports are an animated form of live sports events. These virtual realities take lesser time to produce results rather than real games where you have to wait for the match to end to get results. Virtual games are not real, the results they produce depends on the game's programming.

Sports betting just like the lottery has grown steadily in the country. From the inception of the first sports betting company with a website in Nigeria, NairaBET in 2009, sports betting has increased its reach to many parts of the country. There are now lots of competition in the industry as more betting companies are trying to get their share of the market. But a visit to NairaBET Sports betting website shows that it still holds its own in the game. The market for sports betting is primarily due to the love that Nigerians have for sports. Sports are a major unifying factor that brings people together in the country. This is the reason why when the National team (also called Super Eagles) plays, Nigerians from all works of life lend their unalloyed support. There is also somewhat occult followership among Nigerians for their favorite teams both local and foreign. This makes many of them turn to sports betting not because they know much about it but as a form of showing support or solidarity for their favorite teams. Others simply do it because they presume they have good knowledge of sports. This is more like "putting your money where your mouth is".


Lots of players play both the lottery and sports betting. Just like the proverbial saying of not putting all your eggs in one basket, these players play to get incomes from both sides. But a recurring question that keeps coming up is which is better among the two. Many players on both sides of the divide want an answer to this question to know which one to focus more efforts on.

A survey conducted in 2019 showed that lottery is better than sports betting. In this survey, industry experts, as well as players who play both games, were asked questions, and observations were made. Out of 20 industry experts interviewed, 14 stated that the lottery is better against 6 others who opted for sports betting. On the part of players, 39 out of the 50 interviewed went with lottery while the remainder (11) said they preferred sports lottery. A greater percentage of those who chose sports betting did so because they loved sports and not because they understood how the betting system works.

Generally, there are many ways in which lottery is better than sports betting. In this piece, we would be looking at those points so you can answer the question yourself.

1. Better Chances Of Winning

There is a better chance of winning the lottery than there is in sports betting. You might have been told that a sports game is 50/50 but it isn't. This only applies when there must be a winner but in a case where there is a tie (or draw), you've lost. Also, you don't get to choose a definite number of games on a ticket as in the case of lotteries. People often choose more matches just to boost their winnings and the sad thing is if one of those matches doesn’t go the way you predicted, you’ve also lost everything. The lottery allows you to choose a definite number of numbers say 5, 7, or 10. Here, you don't need all the numbers to make the draw before you win. Having 3 – 4 numbers in the draws guarantees you a prize. The GG World Million is one lottery that offers great prizes even if you miss the jackpot. You can play online here at LottoNigeria.com

2. Better Odds

Yes, lotteries have higher and better odds than sports betting. While 5 games on a sports betting ticket can give a cumulative odd of say 5.06, wagering on 5 numbers in many lotteries can get you as much as 240 odds in a single ticket. Are you still wondering why people rush to play the Nigerian lottery online these days? Odd is a major determinant.

3. Lower Ticket Fees

This is one other reason why the lottery is better than sports betting. Sports betting usually has higher ticket fees and has refused to reduce the cost. Many sports betting outlets sell their tickets for a minimum of ₦ 150 while others sell for ₦ 200. This has deterred many from playing the games as they would.

Some lottery tickets can be purchased as low as ₦ 100 with which you can hit the jackpot. The GG World Keno game offered on LottoNigeria.com is one of such games that you can play for less and yet win millions. This game is straight-forward and easy and has its draws released every 4 minutes. In this game, you wouldn't be needing lottery predictions so pay no attention to those who claim to offer correct Lotto Nigeria predictions.


4. Transparency In Results

In the drawing of lottery results these days there is transparency and accountability. In the case of the GG World Lottery, all draws are made visible on a blockchain network where it can be monitored. The draws aren’t made by humans but rather a number generator that releases them without prejudice.

There have been lots of reports about irregularities in sports betting. Match-fixing scandals in live matches, program tweaking of virtual games to give the house undue advantage as well as others have been reported. Sports betting wasn't created with you the player in mind.
Haven't seen the advantages the lottery has over sports betting, we also recommend you to read our article about the GG World Lotto – the best lottery in Nigeria so you can start getting great benefits from the lottery.

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