Top 5 bad ideas on how to spend your lottery winnings

Winning the lottery might be the biggest change in someone’s life and not everyone will be ready to adopt this positive change. When it comes to spending money, most of the winners make mistakes. They end up wasting money on useless things. Check the latest lotto results because you might be the next millionaire.

5 Worst Ways to Spend Lottery Winning

You hit the lotto jackpot or you win a small amount in a raffle. Either way, your financial problems are solved and now you're thinking of all the things you can do with that big beautiful check. The first thing many people shop for is a new car, but what does this mean for your finances?

Before buying anything new think about these 5 worst ways to spend lottery winnings: Get married. Buying gifts for family members and friends can be fun, but it’s also an easy way to splurge too much on something unnecessary without considering what else could have been done with that money.

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Buying expensive cars

Buying luxury and sports cars are fascinating for everyone who has the money but it should not be your top priority. When you have made the right investments with the lottery winning then you can use the return from these investments to buy cars and other expensive items.

Credit cards

While this could be a good thing, credit card debt is one of the main causes of bankruptcy and it doesn’t have to be your first choice.


Investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds can be fun, but if you invest in them blindly without doing your research you can end up losing money. Investing in a small amount rather than a big one can help keep you from losing money if the market takes a dip or something unforeseen happens.

Household items

Don’t make the mistake of buying things you don’t need just because you think it will make your life better. Over-indulging in items like furniture, appliances, and decorations can mean buying more than you really need or even worse, spending money on things that will feel worthless in a few years.


Sure, everyone has that one great idea they want to turn into a million-dollar enterprise but take the time to weigh all your options before deciding to start a business. There are plenty of small businesses already operating that could use an extra hand and are willing to pay you for helping them out. Shop around and check out the cost of starting a business before jumping into the fray headfirst.

How to Manage Lottery Winning Wisely?

Let’s say you’re not going to make the mistakes outlined above. That still doesn’t mean that your lottery winnings are free money to spend however you want. Check the article about the top 5 things you can do with your GG World Keno winning.

Withdraw it slowly. It might be tempting to withdraw the entire amount all at once and start spending it like there is no tomorrow, but this could lead to a big problem if your family's priorities aren't in order or if an emergency arises and you don't have enough money left over.

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