The Most Popular Lotto Strategies

Almost every lotto player dreams of winning the jackpot but deep down they know, there is no backdoor that can lead to the jackpot. Winning a lottery requires passion and some basic knowledge of the lotteries that have the real potential of paying off your investments. An authentic lotto platform like Lotto Nigeria will never let the players manipulate the lottery. When we think of lotto strategies, it is not about tricking the system or taking shortcuts. Lotto strategies are the smart ways to choose the right lotto games and picking the right numbers for improved chances of winning. The integration of a random number picker is a great deal yet native lotto players still like to choose numbers manually. Auto number pickers follow specific instructions where you cannot apply any lotto tricks. Some most popular lotto strategies can help to predict the numbers that may lead you to jackpot but there is no confirmation about the authenticity and results of these strategies. Many people claim to crack the lotto games but there are no proofs that can back their claim.

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Strategies to Win Lottery

If you are good with numbers and identifying patterns, there are high chances that lotto strategies are going to be useful for you. Here are some lotto strategies that are backed by facts and can help you to increase the chances of your winning:

Identifying Cold, Overdue and Hot Numbers

First of all, you need to analyze the results of the lottery very closely. Identify the numbers that are already drawn also note down the numbers that are not drawn yet. You can choose as many results as you want but choosing more than 50 draw results will help you to get a decent sample for the analysis. The numbers that are drawn most are known as hot numbers and you can call these lucky numbers too. Less drawn numbers are called cold numbers and there might be one or two events when these numbers were drawn. Overdue numbers are the hot numbers that are not recently drawn.

The best way to increase your chances of winning is to combine these numbers and create a set of numbers that has hot, cold, and overdue numbers. These sets can give you an edge if you keep playing the lottery.

The Wheeling System

In this strategy, players have to identify some hot numbers and then combine these hot numbers with different common numbers. This strategy works for many low-prizes lotteries where you can buy many tickets for the draw. Imagine if lucky or hot numbers are 4, 13, 39, and 41 then here are some possible sets:


You will have to combine all the sets that include your lucky numbers. The investment is high but playing with wheeling strategy is better than following no pattern at all. The wheeling system is not for everyone because it’s all about the affordability of the player.

The Odds and Evens Strategy

A good strategy to win the lottery will not look on drawn numbers individually but different groups with the winning numbers. The strategy states that there are fewer chances of a drawn group to have all even or odd numbers. In most of the drawn numbers, evens and odds are systematically arranged. So, consider choosing the numbers that are divided between even and odd numbers. If you want to check out any of the strategies mentioned above. You can register at LottoNigeria.com and play lotto online. This is your chance to win big!

Following a strategy will keep you motivated but do these strategies work? Well, there is no simple answer that can elaborate the chances of winning but following these strategies will do no harm to your game.

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