Play the GG World Raffle games in Nigeria

As the wind of urbanization blows through all aspects of life, the use of the internet to do virtually everything has increasingly become the order of the day. The Nigerian national lotto is not left out of this rave. Presently you can play GG World Raffle Games on a user-friendly online platform, LottoNigeria.com. To play the GG World raffle you need to register at LottoNigeria.com.  This article is dedicated to holding your hand through how you can successfully register on our online platform and how to play the GG World Raffle Games online. Take your time and read carefully, because you have an opportunity to find out more about the Nigerian raffle games.

Nigerian raffle games

All you need to know about the raffle

The raffle is a popular type of gambling that involves the random selection of numbers from a list of others for a prize. It is popularly known as the lottery. In some countries, the lottery is outlawed, but some governments do not only endorse it, they sometimes put out raffle draws as well as set up a body to supervise and regulate the practices of the lottery. Lottery exists in many formats; while some involve a fixed cash amount to be won, of which case the organizers will be at a loss if they sell only a few tickets, others which usually insulate the organizers from losses allow only a percentage of the generated revenue to be won. The popular form is the 50-50 draws.

In recent raffles, purchasers are allowed to select numbers from a list of numbers. One player can pick more than one number, but no two players can pick one particular number. What does it mean? One number, for example, 0026, can be chosen only once. In the end, a number will be randomly picked by the organizers. Only the player who selected that particular number wins the raffle. This is exactly how the GG World Raffle Games works. In Nigeria, all the GG World Raffle games are 100% legal and safe.

Types of the GG World Raffle and how much you can win

Basically, there are five types of GG World Raffles games in Nigeria. They are Raffle #1, Raffle #2, Raffle #3, Raffle #4, and Raffle #5. If your ticket’s number is the winning number, you can win prizes from N10,000 up to N10,000,000 and a bus. To increase your chance of winning, it is advisable you buy more tickets for a chosen type of raffle.

A participant who selects only one number has a lower chance of winning than a player who buys more than one ticket for a raffle draw. The prices of the raffle tickets are not depending on which type of GG World Raffle you will pick - a single ticket for Nigerian raffles on our website costs N100. The difference is in the prize and amount of the tickets - for example in Raffle #1 there are 15000 tickets and the main prize is N1,000,000. In Raffle #3, there are 150 tickets and the main prize is N10,000. It's up to the player what he will choose - the same stake and lower chances for a huge winning or the same stake and higher chances for a smaller winning.

The first step is registration at LottoNigeria.com

To play GG World Raffle Games online you have to first register with your details which include filling your name, contact information and withdrawal account details where your winnings can be disbursed to you. Just click here and open your account at LottoNigeria.com to play all of our raffle games.

How to play the GG World Raffle online

The Nigerian national lotto is committed to making playing of The GG World Raffle Games a hitch-free task. We also want to ensure that you can both play your games at the comfort of your home and office as well as get your winnings disbursed to your account without delays. If you have a jackpot, you can always reach our team of customer service provider to receive instructions on how to pick up your jackpot. To play the GG world Raffle games online, you need to complete your registration at LottoNigeria.com. After this, you will have to log in to your account through your username and password, then click on the green ” play” button to select your lucky tickets. Here you can check how to play the GG World Raffle #1 - we present all the instructions step by step.

How to check raffle results

The LottoNigeria.com platform is not only where you can stake your games, you can always quickly check the draw result on it. Since the advent of this only platform, our players who have created their online accounts do not have to run around on the street looking for lotto agents. You, too, can save yourself that stress by simply creating your profile, the play select your lucky numbers as well as check today's lotto results and raffle winning numbers and withdraw you winning without much stress. Don't forget that you can also download our mobile app - the newest results you will check easily thanks to your mobile phone.

Nigerian raffle games

Benefits of playing the GG World Raffle games at LottoNigeria.com

The Nigerian national lotto is not ignorant of the fact that they are many of our players who do not like the crowd. It is in the light of this that we have built a user-friendly online platform where those who can do a number of things ranging from playing the GG world Raffle games to checking the day's result and withdrawing your winning, all these with just a few clicks. The list of benefits of playing the GG World Raffle online is almost inexhaustible. They include but are not limited to the following:


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