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Lotto Nigeria prediction – is it working?

When it comes to gambling and playing lotteries, the users usually try to find ways they can figure out whether they will be the winner or not. Winning the lottery is something everybody dreams about and although it is known that the chances of winning are one in millions, there is some sort of truth in strategies, you can find to improve those chances and make them go in your favor. Some of the methodologies recommended do not assure you the big prize, but these do increase somehow the odds of winning.

However, even though there are many possibilities to make better the chances of winning the jackpot, there are also a number of modalities that claim to be the best to predict lottery results when these are actually scams. The lottery predictors are not a good way to raise up your probabilities to win the lottery. There are plenty of predictors from Ghana and Nigeria that offer predictions of the selected numbers, most of these are paid. Unfortunately, these forecasts are fake, since there is not a reliable way to know the actual results of a lottery game. In this article we want to explain the most known predictors in Nigeria and whether they are reliable or not.

Prediction for Baba Ijebu

Baba Ijebu is the name of a very known lottery brand in Nigeria. Operating since 2001, this lotto has been offering its services of lotto online and sports betting to its users.

As any other lottery and gambling, there are many ways users can opt to use manners in which they can improve their chances of winning. It is sad to mention that a great number of players tend to look for websites claiming to have Baba Ijebu prediction systems; all of these are paid and none has shown real evidence on real lottery predictions. Most people who offer this kind of system are scammers who take advantage of naive players who really desire to win. In Lotto Nigeria we recommend to beware of this kind of website because there are many of them. Click here to find out more about Baba Ijebu prediction.


Lotto Nigeria prediction

Adewale Lotto Prediction

Adewale Lotto Prediction is a group created on Facebook which offers a prediction system for numbers drawn in Baba Ijebu Lottery. In order to use this lotto predictor, all you need to do is to join the Facebook group or send them a message in which you will receive the amount you need to pay to use the prediction system. So, is this system really worth it? Although it is used for an unbelievable number of lottery players, the real fact is that there is no real proof that this system is certain, since lottery games are games of chance and it is really hard to actually predict the winning numbers. In this way, it makes it difficult to believe on what standards Adewale Lotto Predictions stand to validate their statements. However, you are openly free to try this system as many people actually use it as well. Who knows and you get the winning numbers at Lotto Nigeria? This decision is up to you!

Effi Lotto Himself

Effi Lotto Himself is a group that offers services for lotto predictions. There is very little information about this prediction system; there are no records of who created it nor any evidence that proves their services are real. They offer their prediction services through a Facebook fan page (which also has insufficient information about the page and who created it). The group offers predictions of winning numbers from the Nigerian lotteries offered by Baba Ijebu.

Since there is no consistent information about this group and very little or no evidence of what they do, it seems pretty risky to attempt to try this out. The only information about this group is a phone number available on the Facebook page used only to ask for details about payment and the price for using the prediction system.


When playing the lottery, it is necessary to be aware of the risks that can be presented. It is common to see plenty of lotto players who do anything to win the jackpot, and this happens even more when this prize is big. However, it is important not to trust prediction systems. Always have in mind that all the numbers have the same probability to win, nobody can predict the Lotto Nigeria results and winning numbers since it is a question of chance. So, you need to always believe in your luck, buy a ticket online in Lotto Nigeria to hit the jackpot!

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