How to Stop Lottery Addiction?

Have you ever asked yourself why do people play lottery games? Let’s face it, a majority of people play just for money; their main goal is to become richer than they are through the lottery. Well, as much as the lottery provides an easy way to win huge cash prizes, there is usually no guarantee of winning, which makes people play repeatedly, leading to addiction. Lottery addiction isn’t desirable that’s why we will look at it in-depth and find ways of how to stop it.

What is lottery addiction?

Lottery addiction is common amongst most people yet they do not know of their addiction. In gambling, there are three types of addiction:

1. Normal compulsive gambler: this type of addiction follows three steps i.e. normal gambling, making gambling a hobby, and being addicted. Most of these addicts are always motivated by their desire to win their lost money back so they keep on playing with the hope that they will recover their money.

2. Emotional compulsive gambler: this type of addiction is exhibited by people who are using gambling to escape world realities.

3. Biologically pre-disposed compulsive gambler: With neurophysiological deficiencies, some people are naturally addicted to lottery games.


lottery addiction

Signs of lottery addiction

In order to understand how you can stop lottery addiction, you need to know the signs of addiction.

1. You play using your savings

It is okay to have a budget for lottery games. However, if you notice that you have started using the money you intended to save in the lottery, then you should be concerned that you are getting addicted to the lottery. Therefore, to stop it, you need to control your budget for the lottery and avoid getting into your savings to finance your gambling activities.

2. Borrowing a lot to gamble

It is not a bad thing to borrow money for investment; however, you need to know that the lottery is not a secure investment that you can borrow money and be sure that you will return it. Most people who are addicted are fond of getting into debts that they cannot repay. It is important to note that you cannot know when you are getting addicted, thus, the need to avoid borrowing money for lottery gambling.

3. Your lying habit gets stronger

There is a close association between lying and lottery addiction. It is a fact that everybody lies, but some people lie to an extent that they become perfect in it. When it comes to gambling, lying makes gamblers creative in generating some money, which can always lead to addiction because they will always have money that they can play the lottery games.

4. Theft becomes part of your life

Another way you can easily know if you are addicted to the lottery is if you start stealing people’s stuff and use the money to gamble. This shows that you cannot go a day without gambling and you are willing to do whatever it takes to bet.

5. You are in a vicious circle

A majority of gamblers always play repeatedly because they are trying to recover the money they have lost in the lottery. So, you play and lose but keep on trying repeatedly to recover the money. For example, if you play Western Lotto games every day and you spend all of your money to buy the tickets – you can be addicted. Therefore, the easiest thing to do is to avoid the vicious circle and stop when you can.

6. Gambling takes all your time

Another major sign that can show you are addicted to the lottery is taking too much of your time engaging in the lottery games. If the lottery is taking much of your time, you need to start being concerned about a probable addiction. Addicted gamblers often neglect their friends and families and spend a lot of time in casinos and other gambling places. Of course, you can play the lotto online and still be with your friends and family.

7. You’re playing even when you know is bad

Sometimes even the addicted people are aware that they are overly engaged with the lottery but still do not stop. Therefore, you should limit yourself and listen to yourself if you need to stop playing the lottery.

The solution:

Setting a budget and time for the lottery is the solution that can save you from addiction. You also need to avoid emotive gambling such as sports betting, which is always leading people to addiction. You should read also why the lottery is better than sports betting. When controlled, lottery games are amazing and can lead to great success.

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