How to choose your lucky lotto numbers?

In this article, we will show you the most effective way to pick the lucky lottery number by using a mathematical formula. First of all, know that there are thousands of lottery games around the world. Every game has its own set of numbers to choose from.

In the lottery system, there are three major factors that will influence the winners:

For example, in Bingo games, players will have a certain number of numbers to choose from and if players play enough times, it is highly likely they would win once or twice a year. In contrast to this, in most lottery games the prize value remains unchanged and the winning frequency is only 2% to 5%. It means that almost 99% of people who play the same game would not win in a single draw. So, lottery numbers are all about the prize value and the frequency of winning.

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Does choosing Lucky Number Guarantees Success?

Before going into the details, we would like to clarify that no method or trick can guarantee the win in the lotto. All of these methods to choose the lucky number are based on statistics and some tried methods. You cannot use these methods and tricks to influence lucky Nigeria lotto results and winning numbers for winning. So, let’s get started with the ways to choose the lucky lotto number for the next game.

This post is all about the concept of lucky numbers and how they can help you win an upcoming lottery. The idea behind lucky numbers is that if you pick three or four numbers that are either consecutive or otherwise close to each other, on average, these will come up as winners more often than a random number combination. There are many methods for selecting your lucky numbers.

Different Ways to Pick Your Lottery Numbers

You read it right! Picking the right lottery numbers is not as easy as you might think, and there are many websites and sources out there to help with that. Here are some different ways to pick your lotto numbers.

Go with the Favorite Numbers

First, go for numbers that are near to you. If you are living in the west, then your lucky numbers will include 6, 7, 8, and 9. There would be a smaller chance for people living in the east to choose those numbers because they would be too far from them. It has been proven that people living on the west coast have a better chance of winning as compared to others. But if you do not feel like going through all this trouble, then you can just go for random numbers and hope for the best!

Go with birth dates

Your birthday could either be your worst enemy or your best friend when it comes down to picking lottery numbers. The numbers which are related to your birthday might bring you luck, but at the same time could work against you too. It is a common rule of thumb that if the number for your birth date ends with zero or one, then it could be a winner. But if that number ends up with other numbers from 1-9, then it is probably not the best choice.

Go with birth months

Birth months are also used as an indicator for picking lottery numbers that are close to you. If you were born in October, then your lucky numbers will be 4, 8, and 9. March is also a good month for picking lottery numbers because the ending numbers of 1, 2, and 3 are popular amongst the people who were born in March.

Go with favorite sport teams

Many people who are into sports have picked their lottery numbers after choosing their favorite team jersey number. Many people have won at various lotteries around the world because of this simple yet successful way of picking lottery numbers.

Go with dreams

Dreams are another way to pick your winning ticket for the lottery. If you dreamt that you won a lot of money from the lottery, then you might be one lucky person who drew the numbers for that occasion. You can even pick lottery numbers based on things which you really wanted those years. But remember, dreams do not always come true, so be careful.

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Go with luck

After looking at all the above options, you might think that luck is the best way to pick lottery numbers. However, this is not completely true for people who are new to picking lottery numbers. Luck is sometimes an excuse for people who do not know what to do next and also hard to predict for other hopefuls who want to win at lotteries around the world.

The best ways to pick lottery numbers are the ones that have been mentioned above. So stick to those and you will be on your way to winning lots of money! You can also read also our article about the top 5 myths about the lottery. People have some weird myths about the lottery.


The chances of winning in the lottery are one in hundreds of millions. But if you always play your numbers and never pick any favorite numbers or go by luck, then your chances of winning can drop significantly. So if you want to win the lottery then you should do some research first about how it works. This will make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations that are required for picking lottery numbers.

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