History of the lotteries in Nigeria

As the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria plays host to some of the top lotteries on the continent. Gambling in Nigeria is legal and many lottery companies are duly registered. However, the country has come from far to enjoy the presence of national lotteries owned by Nigerian companies. In order to understand the history of lotteries in Nigeria, we will have a deep look into the factors that shaped the lottery industry in the country.

Factors that Influenced the Development of lotteries in Nigeria

The development of the lottery in Nigeria was influenced by a wide range of factors including:


Being the most populous nation in Africa, Nigeria saw many people interested in international lotteries, which in turn influenced multinational betting companies to set their operational bases in the country.

lotteries in Nigeria

The quest to improve the economic status

Just like the case of many other African countries, poverty influenced many people into the game. Many people saw the lottery as an opportunity for them to transform their financial lifestyles and improve their economic status.

Conducive environment

The legal framework controlling lotteries in Nigeria has also been a major factor that influenced the development of lotteries in the country. Many companies setting their operational bases in the country have found an existing legal framework that is favorable.

Popular lotteries in Nigeria

Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular lotteries in Nigeria:

GG World Lotto

This is one of the most popular lotteries in Nigeria. As of 2020, LottoNigeria.com started as the official online national lottery of Nigeria. Since then, it is now possible to play GG World Lotto online. The website offers two of the world’s most popular lotteries i.e. GG World Keno and GG World Million. It is fun to play these games and the cash prizes offered here are amazing, and that is why they are so popular in Nigeria. Again, the convenience of playing online makes the lotteries so popular all over the country.

Gab Lotto

Another popular lottery in Nigeria is Gab Lotto, which has many outlets spread all over the country. Players need to buy tickets that have fixed odds and wait to see if they have won the different cash prizes on offer, including massive jackpots.

Anambra State Gaming Company

This is an official lottery for Nigerians in the state of Anambra. It was started in 2016 after a joint venture partnership between the Anambra State Government and Global Gaming Co.

Superior Games Ltd

This is a renowned gaming operator in Nigeria, popularly known for its two gaming brands, Big Games and Superior Bet. Big games offer three fixed lotto games while Superior Bet has betting options in the major sports.

Of course, these are not the only lotteries in Nigeria, you can search for other popular lotteries in your locality. Alternatively, you can read more about Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough and learn how to play the lottery very fast.

On this page, you can find more information about Golden Chance Lotto, which is also worth of your attention.

Nigerian Lottery Gambling Legislation

Whilst there is no single specific legislation that covers all gambling activities, there are Acts of Parliament that provide provisions on how gambling activities take place in the country.

Under the Criminal Code Act (Section 240, Chapter 22), ‘lottery’ is explained as a game through which money is won based on chance. To protect citizens against fraudulent gaming activities, the Nigerian government heavily fines people who post illegal gambling activities.

National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC)

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) is the country’s official governing body of lottery. Before 2005, there were no defined rules on how lotteries are managed in the country. However, as lotteries became more popular, the government enacted the Lottery Act of 2005, which established NLRC, giving it the mandate to control all gambling activities in the country. The main objective of the commission is to promote transparency and accountability among lottery operators in Nigeria.

Therefore, all lottery operators in Nigeria must seek approval from NLRC before operating in the country. NLRC’s website also has relevant information about the procedure that international lottery firms have to take to set their bases in Nigeria. You can view the website to read more about Nigerian lotto games to see if the lottery that you want to play is legal in the country.

Nigerians are encouraged to use registered national lotteries to avoid being scammed. With clear legislation and regulatory framework, Nigeria’s lottery industry is bound to become more popular.

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