Free Lotto Nigeria tickets - how to get it?

Lotto Nigeria is an online lottery game that has been fully authorized by the Nigerian government. Lotto Nigeria is a legit platform that pays and has so many amazing offers for players. Lotto Nigeria is safe and has been verified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) has experience of about 30 years and is well trusted by about 475 countries in the world. Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) gives out a certification that makes sure that both the lottery operators and the lottery players are given fair play.


Every day, Lotto Nigeria gains new loyal fans. They also get new winners daily and everyone wants to try their luck because you never can tell you might be the next winner. Over 100 million Nigerian people use the internet daily so imagine how many million people play Lotto Nigeria games.

free Lotto Nigeria tickets


Lotto Nigeria offers two main lotteries: GG World Million and GG World Keno and additional games. GG World Million with the largest prizes is currently played twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays). The minimum jackpot for this lottery for the upcoming draw is 412 250 000 Naira.

If you want to play the GG World Keno - you can play every day, because this lottery offers a draw every 4 minutes!

You can buy Lotto Nigeria lottery tickets online and offline. Just register your account on our website or visit your local lottery agent.

The draw of our additional games - GG World Pick 3 and GG World Pick 4 takes place every hour.

To sum up - every day is the best time to play Lotto Nigeria games, because every single day is a new chance to win!


If you want to know why you should consider opening a free player's account at LottoNigeria.com - here we present some good reasons:


People are wondering if it is possible to get a free Lotto Nigeria ticket and how they can get it? We have great news for you. Yes, it is very much possible to get many free Lotto Nigeria tickets without stress or doing any job in particular. We know you are thinking about how that is possible without stress or doing any job. Calm down, we will tell you how but first you have to follow some important steps. Before you can play any Lotto Nigeria games of your choice or buy any Lotto Nigeria ticket, you have to create a Lotto Nigeria account.

These are the steps to take while creating a Lotto Nigeria account:

free Lotto Nigeria tickets

Refer a friend to get a free ticket

Once you have successfully created your account and have successfully logged in, the next thing to do is to locate the section that says "refer a friend."

Referring a friend is a great opportunity given by Lotto Nigeria to fans who do not have money to buy a ticket or just want to get a free ticket. For every friend you refer, you will instantly receive a free ticket to play the Lotto Nigeria games.

To refer your friends or family, you just need to:
Copy the URL link displayed and share it with your friends, family, groups, and many more.

Note: You are not restricted to any certain number of people you can refer. Meaning you can refer millions of people and in return get millions of free tickets. This method is an easy and stress-free way to earn free tickets.

Follow our Facebook to get a free ticket

It is advisable to follow us on Facebook. This will help to keep you updated on any relevant information that will benefit you. Sometimes, we do a giveaway on our page to make our loyal fans happy and excited. You can participate in our regular contests with easy puzzle tasks. Almost every week new players get free tickets to play the best Nigerian lottery games. Join them and win!

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