TOP 5 crazy ideas for what to do with lottery winnings

Lottery winnings offer an amazing opportunity to do whatever is that you’ve always wanted to do with money. Winning a lottery is mostly unexpected because the lottery is a game of chance that can’t be predicted. Sometimes it’s so easy for those who play the lottery to win. If you want to become a lotto millionaire and do all the crazy stuff with your lottery winning, buy the t...

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TOP 5 mistakes to avoid when you win the Lotto Nigeria jackpot

Lottery is not just played for fun only, the game is meant to be won and that’s the goal of every player. While winning is good, it is in levels but the ultimate target is the jackpot which is the highest possible sum that one can win in a lottery game at each draw. Hitting the jackpot, as it is most called, brings joy to the player knowing that his/her life is about to change for the bet...

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Top 5 Largest Lottery Winnings in the History of Lotto

Let us think about something almost everybody desires, a dream most people want to come true. If your answer was “winning the lottery”, “being a millionaire”, you are part of that high percentage of people who think the exact same way as you. Of course, winning the lottery is actually one of the most dreamed things in the life of many people and we do not blame them, who...

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Top 5 Myths about the Lottery

Lottery games have been around us from the very start of human history but the ways of playing these games have changed over the period of time. People see lotto games as magical opportunities to change their life forever. There are many myths about lotteries that are backed by no facts and science. These myths have been around us for no reason and many myths have been busted but many still nee...

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Group Lotto - what is it?

If you have ever wondered to buy different sets of numbers but could not do so due to the limited availability of the funds? Group lotto is an option for people who are more than happy to increase the chances of their winnings without investing a lot. Lottery syndicate or group lotto is the approach of playing lotto games in a group and if any member of the syndicate hits the jackpot, the prize...

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Top 5 Methods to Check the Lotto Results

Playing lottery games offers the adrenaline rush that you are going to experience in no other sports in the world. The lottery cannot only change your life forever but the drawing process is also really exciting. Once you have purchased the lottery ticket, you just need to wait for the draw. The online lottery platforms offer the ease of playing the games and checking the lotto results right fr...

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The Best Methods of Choosing Lottery Numbers

When players get to choose the lottery numbers, everyone has his own theory. Some go for the evens and some prefer odd numbers. A few want to stick to their lucky numbers while others prefer choosing different numbers every single time. Only a few people stick to the real strategies and methods for choosing the lottery numbers.

There is no hard and fast rule to determine the best number...

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Top 5 places to visit when you win the greatest Lotto Nigeria jackpot

Have you ever wondered what will you do after winning millions of dollars from the jackpot? You probably want to buy exotic cars and a big house but that’s not enough. Luxury is not just about buying stuff but it is all about experiencing things. Traveling is the real treat for the human soul and if you have the resources, traveling your favorite destinations must be on your list.

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Why is it worth to buy lottery tickets online?

Imagine you are in the lottery store to buy your favorite numbers but could not get the ticket because of a too-long queue. The very last day, the same numbers were drawn that you were about to buy. In simple words, you lost a chance that could change your life forever. Buying tickets from any physical shop is a challenging task because we are addicted to online shopping.

If you have not...

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TOP 3 lucky lottery winners stories

Since the inception of the lottery in ancient China, it has been a great tool for social and economic change. This game has added more value to humanity than you can ever think of both on societal and individual levels. On societal levels, the lottery has helped many countries and civilizations build social infrastructures and provide regular income to the government. Many amenities in ancient...

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TOP 4 lottery brands in Nigeria

Lotteries have existed for centuries, these have developed and become one of the most (if not the most) played games in history. It has gained such popularity that it has spread worldwide and nowadays, there is a huge number of lotteries from around the world.We live in a time in which everything is easier to be shared and known, all thanks to technology and the internet. These two things...

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The 5 types of people who buy lottery tickets

There is nothing as exciting as the thought of winning a mega jackpot. Many lottery players are lured into the game with the prospects of winning huge cash prizes. Have you ever asked yourself what type of people play lottery games? Well, there are many types of people who buy lottery tickets.

How to buy lottery tickets?

Before looking at the types of people who buy lott...

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How to Stop Lottery Addiction?

Have you ever asked yourself why do people play lottery games? Let’s face it, a majority of people play just for money; their main goal is to become richer than they are through the lottery. Well, as much as the lottery provides an easy way to win huge cash prizes, there is usually no guarantee of winning, which makes people play repeate...

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History of the lotteries in Nigeria

As the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria plays host to some of the top lotteries on the continent. Gambling in Nigeria is legal and many lottery companies are duly registered. However, the country has come from far to enjoy the presence of national lotteries owned by Nigerian companies. In order to understand the history of lotteries in Nigeria, we will have a deep look into the factors...

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Why Do People Play the Lottery Games?

Lottery games are very popular all over the world. Many people from different walks of life enjoy trying their luck in the lottery. Not only are they great sources of entertainment but also good for generating income. So, one question that often goes unanswered is why people enjoy the lottery? Well, this question and many other related questions will be discussed.

Is the lottery a good...

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